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Front Desk - Questions & Appointments:

To schedule a Zoom or phone appointment/contact with your SSS TRiO Counselor Contact Information:

Carla Villa, SSS TRiO Office Assistant

Cell phone: 760.618.1684

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Felipe Cortez, SSS TRiO Student Success Specialist

Cell phone:  760.618.1310

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SSS TRiO Counselor Contact Information:

Dolores Diaz-Canez, SSS TRiO Program Director


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Eduardo Pesqueira, SSS TRiO Program Counselor


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We encourage to keep in contact with your SSS Counselor for advising and other student services as needed. We also encourage to check your IVC email and our Website daily for any updates and informational flyers. We are here for you. Thank you, SSS TRiO Staff

Students who are intrested in Criminal Justice, the SSS has attached a Zoom presentation that includes information Regarding U.S Customs/Border Patrol, The Sherrifs Department and El Centro Police Department.



Applying to Nursing Program Informational Webinar

How to Build/Update a Resume Power Point Presentation 



Important Information From The Study Skills Center

If your students are needing Canvas support, the Study Skills Center is ready to help. Feel free to send an announcement or email your students informing them that they can get Canvas help by contacting the Study Skills Center. 

How do students contact the Study Skills Center? They need to go to our website: www., go to "For Students," select "Study Skills Center," then have them click the image "Click here for Online Tutoring." They will be connected to a tutor. Below is the direct link. 

Please note tutors are available to answer student questions 8AM-8PM.


Important information for transfer students

This website above gives you a guide to your student financial aid and loans. Those of you who are looking to transfer also need to be inform on how loans and your financial aid works. This website is a great guide for that and will give you the knowledge you need for once you leave community college.

Students on this website are giving the opportunity to look more closely into what each Univeristy in California offers and how much it cost. This is also important information for future transfer students. It is important to know how much the college you plan to attent to cost.

This last website allows the student to learn how to manage their money once they start college. Learning how to mamage your money is an important tool/skill to have specially for college studens. College is not an easy and at times can be expansive, this is why it is important for college students to learn to manage their money as best as possible.









The Student Support Services TRiO Program is committed to providing students with services, resources, and information that will enhance their sense of belonging and empowerment. Through personalized counseling/advising, referrals to campus resources, and student workshops and services, we strive to increase student retention, persistence, and success. Ultimately, we aspire to assist students become civically-engaged, socially-conscious, and productive members of the campus community; and prepare them for the incredible opportunites that await them in the job-market, undergraduate study, and life in general.


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Student Support Services TRiO Program is uniquely designed to support college students who are low-income, first-generation, and/or students with disabilities, although all students are welcome to apply.



Who Are We?

The Student Support Services TRiO Program has been hosted at Imperial Valley College since 1975, and is currently funded to provide support to a little over 350 students. Our primary objective is to create a space that serves as a "home away from home" for our students that fosters learning, trust, and relationship-building. The Program believes in the education of the whole person, and supports the psychological, emotional, and physiological well-being of our students. Students in our Program benefit from individualized counseling/advising, academic support, peer networks, leadership experiences, and exposure to a variety of career/professional, academic, and self-development opportunities.

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Why Join SSS TRiO?


How to Apply?

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Important Contacts for New Students

Admissions & Records Office - (760) 355-6101

Financial Aid Office - (760) 355-6266

Counseling Department - (760) 355-6543

Library - (760) 355-6409

Student Equity and Achievement Program (New Student Matriculation/Assessment) - (760) 355-6447

Student Support Services TRiO Program (Our Program) - (760) 355-6379