Spring Awards 2019-2020 Presentation

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We would like to take this time to thank the campus community for their efforts in ensuring student success during these unprecedented times.  We have had to modify and adapt to a new educational system and campus life.  Through the changes, students and employees were able to overcome obstacles, barriers, and challenges and we are in this together and will prevail. 


Although this year had very unique circumstances, these students continued to excel academically and serve as role models in their own right.  We would like to congratulate the students being recognized this year and thank the 2019-2020 Associated Student Government for their tireless efforts in keeping a virtual campus life for the campus community.


A very special thank you to the 2019-2020 IVC Associated Student Government Affairs Committee for being able to host a virtual Spring Awards Banquet.


Thank you and congratulations to those being recognized this year!


Please click on the picture above to view the presentation.


For further information on future student life events please visit our website: https://www.imperial.edu/students/student-affairs/associated-students/ or social media accounts Instagram: @IVCASG Facebook: Associated Students Government Group under Imperial Valley College's Facebook Page