Refresher Courses



Brief Summary


More general overview of basic math and pre-algebra.Contains topics from both Math 61 and Math 71.


Basic arithmetic: fractions, decimals, percent, ratios and proportions


Pre-algebra: positive/negative numbers, geometry, measurement, introduction to variables and equations


Beginning algebra: Equations, inequalities, linear graphs, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, systems of equations, roots & radicals, intro to functions


Intermediate algebra: Functions, systems of equations (including 3 variables), radicals & complex numbers, quadratic equations & functions, exponential & logarithmic functions, conic sections, and sequences & series


Topics from Trigonometry, College Algebra, and Precalculus; intended to prepare for Calculus I


Some Trigonometry and Precalculus review; Calculus I curriculum.Intended to prepare for Calculus II.


To enroll in an online refresher course, click on the Enrollment Instructions link above, for the course whose description seems best suited to your needs.(If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Bennett at the contact information provided below).These online adaptive courses are offered through (you will be directed to this web site through the above links).The cost of each course is $12.00 for 16-week access.Once you have enrolled in a course, the Announcements page will provide further instructions on how to proceed. 

These courses are not for credit.Enrollment is not officially associated with Imperial Valley College. The scores given on the practice tests you take merely inform you on how well you are doing or where you need more help; scores on these tests will not appear on your transcripts or affect your GPA.

An adaptive course offers continual assessment to help you identify your particular areas of weakness, so that you may focus on and practice the specific skills and topics that you need.One advantage of this is that you are not required to complete material that you already know, but there is an unlimited supply of exercises on the topics with which you struggle.It is up to you to pace yourself and decide how much time you will devote to practicing your math skills.

Why choose an adaptive online refresher course? Possible reasons include the following:

  • Some time has passed since you successfully completed Math 61, 71, 81, or 91 (formerly 70,80, or 90), 190 or 192 (or an equivalent course elsewhere), and you need to review those skills before taking your next math course.
  • You recently failed or dropped Math 61, 71, 81, or 91 (formerly 70, 80, or 90).If you first take an online adaptive course where you can work at your own pace without the stress and pressure of grades, you will be prepared to do better when you enroll in the actual class again.
  • You are planning to take the ACCUPLACER exam, and would like to refresh some of your old skills first, so you can possibly avoid unnecessarily re-taking a math course.
  • You wish to brush up on math before taking a science or business course, or a CBEST test, or any other reason you might have for wanting to review and refresh your math skills.

Questions? Contact Zhong Hu

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