1. Each segment will require the completion of eighteen (18) points.
  2. The employee shall apply for approval prior to course work being taken. The Director of Human Resources shall grant or deny approval of the class for professional growth credit within ten (10) working days from the date of the employee's application request.
  3. All professional growth candidates taking courses must obtain a passing grade of "C" or better.
  4. Employees must submit evidence of satisfactory completion of course work to the Human Resources Office by June 30th.
  5. Employees who anticipate completing a segment at the conclusion of a fiscal year must have registered their intent with the Director of Human Resources by February 1 of that fiscal year.
  6. The cash award shall be paid annually in August following the completion of each segment. Employee must be in a paid status on June 30th.
  7. Professional growth points in excess of eighteen (18) can be rolled over to the next segment provided the employee continues enrollment in one or more professional growth activities per year throughout the segment, provided that no degree has been completed. Completion of a degree and 15 units will culminate in completion of a segment. Only one AA, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will count as above.
  8. There shall be a total of five (5) program segments and each segment has a four (4) year time period for completion with the exception of the first program segment, which has a time limit of six (6) years.
  9. An employees on an approved personal leave of absence or layoff may extend his/her current segment for one additional year upon written notification to the Director of Human Resources.