Staff Development

Please also refer to the current CTA Contract. The contract currently reads as follows:

6.12 Staff Development Conference Leave

Every unit member will be allocated two days of leave each year to use in approved staff development activities, with the prior approval of the District. The purpose of this leave is to encourage faculty to participate in meaningful outside conferences and workshops that support professional growth and development of the unit member's skills and knowledge.

In order to be eligible for staff development leave, the unit member must, at least five working days before the event, send a written request to utilize his/her staff development leave to the division chairperson or area dean and to the Vice President of Academic Services, or the Vice President of Student Services, as appropriate. The request should explain the activity, how the activity will contribute to the unit member's professional development, and should include a copy of the brochure or conference program.

After the event, the unit member should submit appropriate documentation to verify participation in the staff development activity.

Faculty on 177-day contracts may utilize their staff development leave during the fall or spring semesters only. Faculty on 199-day contracts may utilize their staff development leave any time during the fiscal year. Staff development leave unused in one fiscal or academic year does not accrue or carry into the next fiscal year.