Current Projects

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Student Learning Outcomes Committee is to assist Imperial Valley College's campus community in the ongoing assessment of courses, programs, and services which lead to student success. (Standard II.a.2.b)


Current SLO Committe/Coordinator Projects for 2012-2013

Presentations and Trainings

Presentation at Adjunct Orientation (August 2012)

SLO/PLO Training – Faculty Orientation (August 2012)

Departmental/individual trainings on Cycle Assessment and completion of Cycle Assessment Forms

Departmental/individual Trainings on Assessment and effective SLOs/PLOs

Review/revision of SLO Cycle Assessment form and instructions

Creation and presentation of campus informational PwrPt/video on ILOs, PLOs, and SLOs

Departmental Involvement

Institution of departmental SLO/PLO Meetings

Cooperative development of assessment schedules with individual departments

Review/revision of SLOs in all departments

Review/revision/completion of PLOs, including submission and approval by the Curriculum Committee

Discussion with service areas on effective assessment practices

Administrative Involvement

Preparation for addition of PLOs to all Program/Certificate/Degree descriptions

Preparation for addition of SLOs linked to course descriptions in electronic college catalog

Review of programs (CurriCUNET, TracDat, eLumen) in preparation of moving to an updated data management system

Creation of two additional e-mail addresses needed to streamline submission process

Committee Activities

Submission of College Status Report on SLO Implementation

Cataloging of submitted SLO Cycle Assessments (2010-2013)

Revision and approval of SLO Committee Mission Statement

Revision of SLO Website (on going)

SLO Committee/Coordinator Projects 2011-2012 

  1. Flex Day, sections on SLOs & PLOs
  2. Website
  3. Improving materials and ease of use
  4. Transfering to new IVC website (ongoing)
  5. CurricUNET
  6. Ongoing work to help faculty include and update SLOs in COR
  7. Program Learning Outcomes

SLO Committee/Coordinator Projects 2009-2010 

  1. Spring Assessment (by June 2010)
  2. SLO Quiz (by June 2010)
  3. Website Improvement (ongoing)
  4. SAO section (by May 2010)
  5. Program SLOs (by June 2010)
  6. Campus-Wide Communication (ongoing/monthly)
  7. Provide approved minutes to Academic Senate and upon request
  8. Continue to update minutes and agendas for SLO Committee
  9. Improve Website
  10. Continue Development of Program Assessment Plan
  11. Pilots are being implemented (2009-2010)
  12. Weave into Comprehensive Program Review (Fall 2010)
  13. Increase # of Outcomes Per Course to Meet Minimum (2009-2010)
  14. Increase # of Courses with Completed Cycle Assessments (Ongoing & 2009-2010)
  15. Increase Adjunct Involvement (Ongoing)