Mission Statement:

The mission of the Student Learning Outcomes Committee is to assist Imperial Valley College's campus community in the ongoing assessment of courses, programs, and services which lead to student success. (Standard II.a.2.b) 

Committee Members:

    1. Kevin Howell (Coordinator/Co-chair)
    2. Betsy Lane (Co-chair)
    3. Jill Kitzmiller
    4. Yolanda Catano
    5. Carmen Bravo
    6. Romano Sanchez-Dominguez
    7. Helena Quintana
    8. Patrick Kjellander
    9. Kathy Rodriguez
    10. Chantal Ponce
    11. Dixie Krimm (Recorder)

Meeting Dates

The committee meets the second Tuesday of the Month at 1:00pm

Questions and comments may be directed to Kevin Howel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (760) 355-6712