Environmental Health & Safety (Historical)

Note: The Environmental Health and Safety Committee and Facilities and Enviornmental Health Committee were merged into one committee called the Facilities & Environmental Health & Safety Committee effective the Fall 2015 semester.

Accreditation Standard

Standard III.B.1  The institution provides safe and sufficient physical resources that support and assure the integrity and quality of its programs and services, regardless of location or means of delivery.

Standard IIIB.1.b  The institution assures that physical resources at all locations where it offers courses, programs, and services are constructed and maintained to assure access, safety, security, and a healthful learning and working environment.


To carry out its mission to foster excellence in education for its students, the District must provide a safe learning and working environment for its students, faculty and staff.  The purpose of the Environmental Health and Safety Committee is to create and main such an environment.  The committee proposes to accomplish this purpose through the following functions and activities:


  • create and maintain active interest in health and safety and to increase commitment to these issues;
  • stimulate an awareness of health and safety issues in an atmosphere of cooperation between campus constituencies and increase motivation and morale;
  • identify problems;
  • formulate policy and procedures;
  • monitor and improve workplace health and safety;
  • ensure that District safety programs and procedures are in compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations.


  • develop and implement programs to protect employees safety and health;
  • deal with employee complaints and suggestions concerning health and safety;
  • set up and promote programs to improve employee training and education;
  • accident investigation and follow up;
  • consult with professional and technical experts;
  • make recommendations to management for accident prevention and safety program activities;
  • monitor effectiveness of programs and procedures;
  • periodic surveys and inspections to detect hazards and make recommendations for change;
  • review and investigate reports of hazardous conditions and coordinate corrections;
  • disseminate information about requirements concerning workplace health, safety, and environmental protection;
  • hazard reporting and accident/injury recordkeeping.

Committee Members

Director of Campus Safety and Security (Chair) 
2 faculty members
1 administrator 
1  classified employee
1 CMCA member
1 student appointed by ASG


Second Thursday of the month, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m., IVC board room