Resolution 14949

Resolution No. 14949: Initiate Study of the Imperial Community College District Governing Board Election System to address alternatives to comply with the California Voting Rights Act

WHEREAS, the Governing Board of the Imperial Community College District ("District" or "School District") finds that it is necessary to review its current trustee election system in light of the California Voting Rights Act (hereinafter "Act"), and desires to determine if any changes are required in the current system so as to comply with the Act; and

WHEREAS, the Governing Board desires to direct the Superintendent/President to lead a study to be presented to the Governing Board regarding the Act, of any changes required to bring the District into compliance with the Act, including but not limited to adopting by-trustee area election system, and the process and procedure for modifying its current election system; and

WHEREAS, the Governing Board desires that the study and the recommendations be completed in a timely manner to allow, if necessary, a change in election system for the November 2012 elections, which also allows for trustee area boundaries to be accurate and current based upon the 2010 Census data if the District ultimately determines that adoption of a trustee area electoral system is appropriate; and

WHEREAS, data from the 2010 Census will become available no later than April 1, 2011, which is early enough to permit trustee areas to be drawn and implemented, if required, using the most up-to-date demographic data available, for the Board’s 2012 elections;


(1) The Board determines that it is in the best interest of the District to conduct a study to ensure compliance with the California and Federal Voting Rights Acts. Board Agenda Page 7 of 17 Imperial Community College District March 14, 2011 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

(2) The Superintendent/President is directed to notify the Imperial County Office of Education of its intent and hereby requests that the County Committee receive this Resolution and at its earliest opportunity provide to the District information regarding the County Committee’s process for changes in trustee areas or election systems;

(3) The Superintendent/President is vested with the power to (a) prepare a study of changes needed, if any, for the District to be in compliance with the Act, including but not limited to adopting a by-trustee area election system, (b) assess its risk by consulting with professional experts, (c) expend funds, (d) identify what process may be necessary for change beginning in the November 2012 election.