Police Academy


These classes are certified by
The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

 Welcome to the Imperial Valley College Police Academy. The training classes offered are structured and designed through a partnership between IVC and POST (The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training). 

Simulator Student Using Police Car Computer

Police Academy Classes are to be taken in this order:







After the successful completion of Module I, you will have completed your police academy training and can apply to be a peace officer anywhere in the state of California.

We encourage our police academy students to apply and work as Reserve Officers during their training to increase their knowledge and obtain work experience.


Uniform is required for all three classes.
Uniform is required and can be purchased at Border Tactical.
Please wait on purchasing your uniform until after the demonstration is given on the first day of class for Module III.

PC 832 Arrest and Firearms Course - AJ 141 
Shooting Range Handcuffing Practice

In addition to the police academy, IVC offers AJ 141 Arrest and Firearms. We offer this class as POST 832 PC. The arrest component has a 40-hour requirement, and the Firearms component has a 24-hour requirement. A minimum total of 64 hours is required by POST. We offer this as a 90-hour class.

This class is 3.5 units and is an elective for the Administration of Justice degree.


Upon successful completion of the courses, graduates will receive completion certificates. Certification of a completed course is valid for three years and expires if an individual is not employed as a Reserve Officer within three years of completing the course.

General Entrance Requirements

  • United States citizen or applying for U.S. citizenship.
  • The minimum age for admission is 18. Agencies tend to hire at the age of 21.
  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Valid California Class C (Class 3) driver's license.
  • No felonies or misdemeanors.
  • DOJ Clearance Letter.
  • Cleared Medical Examination

Additional Level I requirements will be the Pellet B and POST Physical Agility test. Those requirements will be discussed during the mandatory Level I orientation. The date and time for the mandatory orientation will take place before class starts.


If you are not already an IVC student, you must first register with the college in order to be able to take these classes. Click on this link to fill out the IVC registration form. An email will be sent to your student email account within a 24-hour period. Open the email and confirm your enrollment.

If you are coming from another academy, you will need to fill out a STUDENT PETITION. You will have to obtain signatures from the Director and the Dean before turning your form into the Admissions and Records office in building 10. You will also need to send the Admissions and Records office your official transcripts.

If you need assistance with our Admissions process, please call 760-355-6353.

Application Process

Please click on the link in the upper right corner for information on the application process.


A list of college fees can be found here. You'll need to add on what applies to you such as Student Representation and Student Health fees. Non-California resident's fees are increased. 

Module III

10-unit class x unit fee
$ 550.00 for live scan fees, ammunition, uniform, and other academy materials.

Module II

13.5-unit class x unit fee
$ 575.00 for live scan fees, ammunition, uniform, other academy material.

Module I

17.50-unit class x unit fee
$ 1000.00 - EVOC Fee. Cashier's check or money order payable to San Bernardino County Sheriff's E.V.O.C
$ 340.00 - for live scan fees, ammunition, uniform, and other academy material.

PC 832 Arrest and Firearms (AJ 141)

3.5-unit class x unit fee
$ 235.00 - for live scan fees, ammunition, PT Grey T-shirt

Financial Aid

The police academy classes, Module III, II, and I qualify for financial aid if the student has declared the Administration of Justice Law Enforcement Major.

PC 832 Arrest and Firearms do qualify for financial aid if the student has declared the Administration of Justice degree.


Please contact the Military and Veteran Success Center at 760-355-6141.


IVC offers scholarships that students can apply for. To view the list of open scholarships, click on this link.

For assistance with applying to one of these scholarships, contact Monica Rogers at the IVC Foundation 760-355-6411.