ATI TEAS Exam Update:

Due to COVID-19, the IVC Nursing Program will be accepting the TEAS exam proctored remotely online by ATI until further notice. This remotely proctored exam offers a variety of secure exam settings including video, audio, and screen recording designed to maintain the integrity of the exam and ensure uncompromised exam results. Students interested in taking the exam must register at https://atitesting.com/teas/register and choose "TEAS at ATI".  Please make sure you indicate Imperial Valley College ADN as your institution. The exam fee is $115 and must be paid directly to ATI during registration.  Once you register a follow up email from ATI will be sent to you with further instructions.  Please note that all questions regarding the TEAS remotely proctored exam must be addressed to ATI's customer service or by viewing the section "TEAS Exam FAQ's" on their website.  For more information visit, https://atitesting.com/teas/the-ati-teas-exam-with-proctorio/.   


If you have any questions or concerns contact Analisa Veliz, Nursing Dept. Administrative Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you. 




IVC RN Program – TEAS Pre-entrance Test

All RN and LVN to RN applicants must pass the TEAS with a 62% or higher score.

This is a diagnostic test in basic Math, Reading, and Science. Students who fail to achieve a passing score must complete additional course work. The TEAS is an online computer test administered by a test proctor in the IVC Nursing Learning Center (NLC). If students do not pass on the first attempt, a remediation plan will be required to test a second time and no sooner than six (6) months after the first test – see instructions below. Proof of remediation and results of first and second test attempts must be attached to the nursing program application. 

  • ATI TEAS (Version 6) required
  • Students purchase the TEAS resources on their own, see Test Preparation below. Practice tests strongly recommended before taking the actual test.
  • Points awarded when the student has passed with 62% or higher. A 3-year wait time is required to retest for a higher score.
    • 90 - 100% = 20 points
    • 70 - 89% = 17 points
    • 62 - 69% = 12 points
    • 61% or less= 0 points

  • A 6-month wait period is required to retest if the student did not pass with 62%. 
    • If the first attempt is a score of 55% or lower Math and Science, additional remediation in these areas will be needed.
    • If scoring 60% or lower in Reading, remediation such as taking additional ENG or READ courses may be necessary. This may involve the assistance of the program counselor.
    • A score less than 80% on the practice assessments indicates that the student is not ready to test. Additional personal study is needed which is the foundation for preparing for the TEAS.
    • If seeking a higher score for points, students must wait three (3) years before retesting, regardless of where they took the test. The test can be repeated if the version changes.
    • If a passing score is not achieved after two attempts regardless of where it was taken, the student can no longer apply to the Registered Nursing Program at IVC.
  • Students who take the TEAS at other locations must request a 'TEAS Transcript' to be sent to Imperial Valley College Nursing Department.

Test Preparation

  • It is recommended students complete all prerequisite coursework first before attempting to take the TEAS.
  • Study materials are obtained directly from ATI Nursing Education
    • IVC Nursing recommends the following study materials:
  • Log on to the ATI website and create an account, noting your username and password available