Computer Information Technology


Computer Information Technology is the use and study of computers, networks, computer languages, and computer systems within an organization to solve real problems. The major prepares students for application programming, networking, systems administration, system security, computer hardware and software, and operating systems. In this major, students learn about the theory, organization and process of information collection, transmission and utilization through computers. Students learn how to anaylze user needs and how to plan, design, develop, implement, and manage networks and computer systems. 


Degree and Certificate Requirements

I. Required courses for the major (25.0-26.0 units)                                                                                                                                                                     

CIS 101 Intro to Information Systems 3.0
CIS  160 Computer Hardware & Software 4.0
CIS 161 Intro to Cybersecurity: Ethical Hacking 3.0
CIS 162 Computer Network Fundamentals 3.0
CIS  202 Programming Concepts & Methodologies 3.0


II. Select at least three (6.0) Elective Units:

CIS 163 Routing and Switching 3.0
CIS  166 Digital Forensics 3.0
CIS  167 System and Network Admin 3.0
CIS  210 Programming in C++ 3.0

III. Select at least (3.0-4.0) Units:

Math 119 Elementary Statistics 4.0
Math  122 Finite Mathematics 3.0
Math 150 College Algebra 4.0
Math 170 Intro Calculus 4.0
Math  192 Analytic Geometry and Calc 4.0


Total Major Units 25.0-26.0


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