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Business Administration programs at IVC, both at the associate degree and certificate of achievement levels, prepare the student by offering courses that allow students opportunities to acquire practical skills, technical knowledge and experience in a variety of fields. The fields of study available are: Business Administration for transfer, Accounting Technician, Administrative Assistant, Financial Services, Management, Marketing and Office Technician. These programs introduce the student to the world of commercial transactions, which occur in the distribution of resources in our American economic system.

The Business Accounting Technician program provides students with entry level competencies for employment as a bookkeeper or other financial clerk. Accounting Technicians can be found in setting such as banks and offices. Students who intend to pursue an accounting degree at a four-year school should follow the Business Administration major.

Degree Requirements and Certificate Requirements

I. Required courses for the major (25.0 units)

ACCT 099 Practical Accounting 3.0
ACCT 210** Principles of Financial Accounting 4.0
ACCT 220 Managerial Accounting 4.0
ACCT 240 Computer Accounting 3.0
BUS 105 Business Office Math 3.0
CIS 124 EXCEL I 1.0
CIS 125 EXCEL II 1.0


I. Select One course from the following (3.0 units)

BUS 108 Volunteer Income Tax Preparation (VITA) 3.0
BUS 124 Introduction to Business 3.0
BUS  169 Records Management 2.0
BUS 180 Microsoft Office Suite for the Workplace 4.0
WE 201 Employment Readiness 1.0
WE 220 Internship  1.0


* It is recommended that the work experience courses be taken after the completion of at least 12 units in the major.

** It is recommended that ACCT 099 be taken as preparation for ACCT 210.


Total Major Units 22.0


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