Agricultural Business Management


Agriculture Business Mangement is the application of business concepts andagbus economic principles involved in the organization, operation, and mangement of agricultural enterprises. Careers may include the management and operations of farms; management of firms that supply or service farm related operations; and management of industries engaged in processing, marketing, distribution, and sales of farm products.

Certificate Requirements

I. Required courses for the certificate (15.0)

AG   120   Soil Science 3.0
AG 130 Agricultural Economics 3.0
AG 134 Agricultural Business Organization 3.0
AG 136 Agricultural Sales, Communication, and Service Management 3.0
ECON 102 Introduction to Macro Economics 3.0


II. Acceptable courses for the certificate (select one)

AG       138  Computer Applications in Agriculture                                         3.0
AG 140 Principles of Plant Science 4.0


Total Certificate Units          18.0-19.0


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