Overdue Policy

Policy on Overdue Books and Lost Material

Responsibility of Users

  1. Borrowers assume the responsibility of keeping track of due dates and returning materials on time.
  2. If materials are out on loan longer than the due date and have not been renewed, they will be recalled with an overdue notice every fifteen (15) days. Overdue notices are sent out as a courtesy to remind borrowers that items should be renewed or returned; failure to receive a notice does not absolve the borrower of the responsibility to renew or return items in a timely manner.
  3. If the material has not been returned after the Library has sent the borrower three overdue notices (45 days), the material will be declared lost and the borrower will be sent a bill for those materials. The bill includes the replacement cost of the item, the maximum overdue fine of $10.00, plus a processing fee of $10.00.
  4. The user is responsible for the care of any material borrowed, and will be charges for the replacement of lost material, and for the repair or replacement of damaged material.
  5. A borrower's privileges will be temporarily suspended until the materials have been returned or the replacement charges and processing fees are paid.

Fines and Sanctions

Overdue fines are calculated only at the time the corresponding material is returned or declared lost. Fines do not accrue on Sunday, holidays or during student vacations. Overdue fines are calculated according to the type of materials as follows:

  • Books from the General Stacks: After a one week grace period $ .10 per day per item overdue to a maximum fine of $10.00 per item.
  • Pamphlet Files: $ .10 per day per item overdue to a maximum fine of $10.00 per item.
  • PDK: $ 1.00 per day per item overdue to a maximum fine of $10.00 per item.
  • General Stack Videos and DVDs: $1.00 per day per item from the first day overdue to a maximum of $10.00 per item.
  • All Reserve materials – per hour basis: $1.00 per hour (or part of an hour) per item from the first hour overdue to a maximum of $10.00 per item.