Textbook Rental Check-ins/ Returns

Q: Can I come to the bookstore to check-in my rental textbooks for this term? 

A: No, IVC Bookstore is closed. Students must still send their books via regular mail/UPS/Fed-Ex, per your preference and include account information.

Information needed

  • Name on account  (If the student did not open the account, the name of the person that was used)
  • Telephone number (If not sure which was used, provide all possible ones. If student has new number, but was not changed with us we still need the original number and later on can be changed)
  • email (If not sure which was used, provide the possible ones)
  • Patron ID (If not available or unsure no problem as long as correct telephone number and/or correct email is provided)
  • And, of course, use the college address, to the attention of the IVC Bookstore


How Do I Return/Check-In my Rental?

If open, you can return your rentals in-store. View the store hours page for hours and availability.

Or, you can ship your rentals to the store, using the shipping carrier of your choice. Note: Shipping is at your expense.

  1. Sign in to your account using the same email address you provided at the register in-store or entered when you rented online. Note: If you don't know your password, that's OK – just click "Forgot Password" to reset. 
  2. Once you've signed in, you will be navigated to the Rentals page to view your Rental Account Information and Rental History. 
  3. Click "Return all Rentals by Mail" and follow the steps to print your packing slip.
  4. Print your packing slip, and include in your rental shipment. Your packing slip is crucial to include in your box – it identifies you, what you're returning, and where to send your rentals.



Q: Because the campus is closed, I cannot bring in my rented textbooks. Will I get charged for the textbooks due to missing the due date?

A: While the due date for rented books has not changed, the "non-return charge date" has been extended 15 days past your current return due date to allow time for your mailed book to reach the campus store.

To avoid late charges, please have your book in transit by the due date.

Q: Can I BUY or EXTEND my rentals on the website?

A: If you originally rented your textbook in the store, there is no option to buy or extend the rental on the website at this time. If you rented your textbook online, you have an option to buy or extend the rental on the bookstore website on the Rentals page:

Q: I need to purchase upcoming term textbooks and supplies; do I need to come to the store?

A: No, instead you can order from the bookstore website.

Selling Back Textbooks (Book Buyback)

Q: Can I sell my textbooks back to the bookstore?

A: You can sell back books online (ship your books) through the "Sell Your Textbooks" link in the footer of the bookstore website.

(U.S. Stores Only) How to Sell Your Textbooks Online

  1. Click the "Sell Your Textbooks" link from the website
  2. On the Sell Your Textbooks page, refer to the Online section and click "Sell Your Textbooks"