Jimmie Cannon's Valley Jazz

Renee Baker website

Renee Baker teaches and directs the Jimmie Cannon's Valley Jazz band, including students from MUS 175 and 177 (credit courses) and MUS 801 (noncredit).

MUS 175 Instrumental Ensemble: A performance organization specializing in jazz/rock literature for brass, woodwind, stringed and percussion instruments. Designed for musicians who wish to explore, rehearse, and perform jazz/rock literature of all styles and periods. Maximum credit four units. (Accepted for credit at CSU,UC)

MUS 177 Stage Band: A performance ensemble specializing in the literature of the stage and jazz band tradition. Students will be provided ensemble experiences necessary for developing and refining improvisation techniques and performance practices appropriate to jazz, rock, blues, and swing music traditions. Maximum credit four units. (Accepted for credit at CSU,UC)

MUS 801 Stage Band for Older Adults: Designed for older students who have an interest in learning to play jazz in stage band. Performances in the local community and on campus are required. Introduction to music theory as a means of learning to read music rather than learning by rote. The course intends to assist older adults in identifying and examining personal interest and aptitudes in performing jazz music to enhance mental acuity and creativity, as well as appreciation of stage band music.